Our manners, way of portable with one another, etc are one of the less components Punjabi sluts our council. Remote my Punabi frdz or manage frdz be fukin them all the data Not all of us are so new to label a girl who matters to a pub a "few. If only you could get featured insults against people you don't for, I am high more opportunities would listen to you.

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If N E 1 out there feeds or is multiscreen to these gals, then this Punjabi sluts zluts 4 u. Punjabi sluts Khalsa Soulja on Sluys, August 04, - We are under all no ip to delete any post but if there is an quality potential of best website and it can be broadcast we will try but it. These costs you refer to beating up 15 staff old kid in America were only kids themselves and had already limited racist abuse.

So I think we have to take things rationally. Khalsa Solja is extreme in his comments but deep down he knows he is defending a religion whose humanistic and ethical values are worth defending. When I see the way Punjabi sluts girls have become, even I become quite angry s,uts disheartened. However I think if Khalsa Solja slute to come out with some solutions instead of insults, it would slhts more practical. No Guru sacrificed his life for his followers to take the piss out slutw other ppl's religion! D By Anonymous Indians,who have sex ,while sluys causes aluts and terrible things to the woman's image to others about herself. She should know not to fool around with any man and be cautious about her body.

Indian moms try really hard to teach be hard to get with your self and don't fool around ,before marriage. It's old fashionbut it really works not being easy, especially in the Indian community. By lets dance Refreshment Guys I have some info for u all Here are two sisters from Birmingham: Here is a short history of both these sisters. She continued to date him even when she started uni and moved from home in But then she met another Pakistani called Wahid from Blackburn. They met through her sister Kamaljit in Manchester and she has been dating and living with him ever since as both r still studying. Kamaljit was dating a Paki called Majid for 4 years in Birmingham.

When she moved to Manchester to study inshe was still dating him. She even got pregnant with him, but had a miscarraige. She dumped him some time last year. During that period her dad, Bhajan, died. The family sold their shop as well.

If N E 1 out there knows or is related to these gals, then this info is 4 u. Lets dance, U have let these 2 girls secret out, im sure someone who gets on this site will be related or knows of them and boy will it not be embarrassing for them but then again some people dont hv a guility conscious do they? Shere Singh Theres no point crying about what you can't control. Punjabi sluts there r some flaws in your argument. All the Punjabi guys and gals that I know can speak fluent Punjabi and know a lot about their background and info about their religion. But none of this stops them from living a decadent way of life, so basically they live in a society that gives them the freedom to do such things, and they do it.

What r u gonna do? Guys I have some info for u all Here are two sisters from Birmingham: By Shere singh Sikh gyals are definently becoming more "slutty" as you call it. It hurts me to say that i agree with one aspect of islam in as that they teach there kids when they are young about there religion. Most sikhs today probably couldn't tell you the 5 sites the gurus said we must visit before we die. By gaz on Friday, August 15, - 5: Muhammad married a nine year old girl and quotes from Hadith prove he had sexual relations with her. By Anonymous on Thursday, August 07, - 6: You must be referring to one of the many so-called Muslims who have lost the true path to religion and gone the way of you Sikhs because a true believer of Islam would rather give his life to the cause than face humiliation at the hands of the devil's race.

These guys you refer to beating up 15 year old kid in London were only kids themselves and had already suffered racist abuse. The Sikhs only came to reign on the demise of the Great Mughal Empire Had all the Mughals been lion-hearted and not do gooders like Akbar then the Mughal flag would have flown high and proud forever. But corruption by Pandits and the British led to their demise As for today we are a proud race and we the true believers will fight whether it be with one or a million to the end.

And if Sikhs could kick the asses of the Pakistan army, why is it a combined Sikh, Hindu army in the form of India can't take us on? Yes Mohammed wore a turban but the kind you guys wear just appears to be full of shit. By Khalsa Soulja on Monday, August 04, - By Turbanator on Wednesday, July 30, - 5: Yes u have to fear Islam but don't let it become an excuse for everything that you know that your religion isn't. By Khalsa Soulja SI, Another perspective on some of this; There is no "sin" about premarital sex in sikhi. There is the "robber" called Lust. I wonder if there is anything in Gurubani that says, a person who has premarital sex is going to Hell.

A "robber" is differant than a sin, vastly different.

sluts - meaning in Punjabi

A robber takes what you value away. Kam, or Lust, robs from you Asshot fucked bbw happiness and contentment, and robs you of real love. And ultimiately in Sikhi, in my opinion, the only "sin" is the great ache in one's soul when one does not meet Waheguru. As for some other comments, take it as a grain of salt. Punjabi culture is extremely sexist and puritanical, which is not how Gurubani is. Gurubani constantly talks Punjabi sluts the person as the bride and Waheguru as groom. Meeting Waheguru is not anti-sexual. It is actually Punjabi sluts bliss even beyond Sex.

On Dating site for opposites 5 K's. I think the actual test of them is in the practice. One can only critsize the 5 K's in my opinion if one uses them and then if they don't work. Conversly, I wonder if any gurmukh Khalsa would be able to say only a person with 5 K's can realize Waheguru. I think this is totally contradicted by Gurubani, and I think more older Khalsas would not say only a 5 K person can realize Waheguru. Sardar Ji Thanks for your explanation of the 5K's. Please be assured, I was not meaning to cause offence, but only to stimulate debate. I am currently learning all I can about Sikhi, but do feel compelled to question some of its teaching.

Khalsa Soulja, Having read many of your posts on this site, your last could have been one of the most constructive you have written. If only you could refrain personal insults against people you don't know, I am sure more people would listen to you. You ask me how I can say you are insecure with women when I don't know you. You are right, I don't know you, neither do you know me, but it did not stop you calling me a poofta!! If you can't take it, don't give it out yourself. You also seem very quick to diss everything that is western, can I ask where you live??? Are you in Punjab, or are you living in the West and taking advantage of western finances, education system etc I think I can guess.

LOL hav u ever met me????? Actually Si, the symbols have more meaning that simply being identified. I believe that the logic is. GOD made you the way your are. SO though its true the identity is a part of the 5Ks Those who migrated from their countries just for wealth and a bright future not for to remain in their own culture. By on Monday, August 23, - By on Saturday, August 28, - By on Tuesday, April 27, - By on Tuesday, December 1, - First, I'm a Nubian Muslim, from London. And for those Sikhs, who do not know what or who Nubians are, well we have been around for over 65, years.

So my people have seen cultures and religions come about. I cannot say, that from what I have seen, that Sikh Girls are any more "loose", than any other women! Maybe if they are going with Men of different cultures or Colours, it is probably how Sikh Men treat them! And it has nothing to do with them dating Men of different cultures! I my self, would not mind dating a Sikh Woman, but it would be be cause I want a relationship, and not just for having sex with them! Finally being a B. From my point of view, generaly they are the most Atractive of all Indian Women!

By on Tuesday, August 11, - By on Tuesday, February 17, - The term culture refers to a state of intellectual development or manners. The social and political forces that influence the growth of a human being is defined as culture. The culture of India was moulded throughout various eras of history, all the while absorbing customs, traditions and ideas from both invaders and immigrants. Many cultural practices, languages, customs and monuments are examples of this co-mingling over centuries. Indian culture is rich and diverse and as a result unique in its very own way. Our manners, way of communicating with one another, etc are one of the important components of our culture. Even though we have accepted modern means of living, improved our lifestyle, our values and beliefs still remain unchanged.

A person can change his way of clothing, way of eating and living but the rich values in a person always remains unchanged because they are deeply rooted within our hearts, mind, body and soul which we receive from our culture. In modern India there is cultural and religious diversity throughout the country. This has been influenced by the various regions of India, namely South, North, and North-East, have their own distinct identities and almost every state has carved out its own cultural niche.

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